"....An egg case or egg capsule, colloquially known as a mermaid's purse or devil's purse, is a casing that surrounds the fertilized eggs of some sharksskates, and chimaeras. They are made of collagen protein strands.
Because they are lightweight, they are commonly washed up by the sea, often found at the strandline, the farthest point of the high tide. The egg cases that wash up on beaches are usually empty, the young fish having already hatched out...."
(Source: Wikipedia)

The Story Behind Our Name and Logo

The name for Devil's Purse Brewing Company was inspired by co-founder/brewer Mike Segerson's childhood experiences on Cape Cod. Segerson was always fascinated by the skate egg cases that he would find on the beach and was intrigued when he learned they're called a devil's purse. His idea to name the brewery Devil's Purse Brewing Company and use the egg case for a logo was a no-brainer.

In addition to the name there is another element to our logo--the shield. The shield represents a "Surfman's Check." Over a century ago the shoreline of Cape Cod was dotted with lifeboat stations manned by members of the U.S. Lifesaving Service--predecessor of today's U.S. Coast Guard. Ever vigilant to render aid to a foundered vessel surfman from each station would patrol sections of the beach in all types of weather. When two surfman would meet at the ends of their patrols they would exchange their "surfman's check" (a badge with their serial number and assigned life saving station) as proof they had completed their patrol.  Today, accomplished and highly skilled Boatswains Mates in the Coast Guard can be certified as "surfman" and awarded a surfman check to designate their level of expertise. Our bold and flavorful ESB pays homage to the U.S.  Lifesaving Service crews of the past and the men and woman serving in today's Coast Guard who are "Always Ready"  to go into harm's way to save a life.