You'll never know what you may find on the Devil's Purse Logbook. Musings on brewing beer? An official press release?  Maybe a snapshot or two or some other (hopefully) entertaining post that may arise while brewing beer.

3 x New Beers Just Released

Blanc - Belgian-style Wit

4.6% Alc.

Our new Blanc, Belgian-style wit is made with Pilsner malt, wheat, flaked wheat, flaked oats, orange blossom honey and the addition of bitter orange peel and coriander seed. 
We then used a strain of yeast available from our friends over at bootleg biology. The wit is delicious, with floral and citrus aromas and a soft palate.

More information about this incredible yeast can be found at:

PNG - Dark Mild Ale

(with cold brewed Papua New Guinea coffee added).

4.3% Alc.

The reboot of our Dark Mild Ale! This new release is made with coffee from Papua New Guinea that we sourced from our friends over at The Art of Roasting in Chatham. This low alcohol beer is great anytime of day. It’s smooth and velvety with wonderful chocolate and caramel aromas that pass through to the palate.

Learn more about The Art of Roasting coffee and their Papua New Guinea roast:…/fair-trade-organic-papua…

Shiso-Berry Ale

5.6% Alc.

The grain bill for this beer is made with Pilsner, wheat, flaked rice and flaked oats. We added a small bittering and aroma addition of New Zealand Pacifica hops. A large amount of Shiso leaf was then added which contributes a bitter, herbal character to the beer. Our Shiso leaf was locally sourced from our friends at Punkhorn Farm in Brewster. After primary fermentation was competed we re-fermented the beer with the addition of blackberry and raspberry puree. The berries create the aroma of this beer, but the palate is dry and finishes with hints of mint and green tea.