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NEW Bottled Beer: Skywave Provisional Saison

NEW Bottled Beer: Skywave Provisional Saison

Skywave Provisional Saison is our non-traditional take on a Franco-Belgian style Saison. Skywave honors radio pioneer Guglielmo Marconi, who transmitted the first public two-way intercontinental radio message from a station in South Wellfleet, Mass., in 1903. The name references the use of radio waves to communicate over the horizon. Our Skywave recipe includes an all-barley grain bill with European malts and American grown Noble Hops. For fermentation we use a proprietary blend of French Saison and Brettanomyces yeasts. As the seasons change, our Skywave recipe will reflect subtle variations. Over time each small batch of Skywave will evolve in flavor and aroma, especially as the Brettanomyces yeast continues to mature in the bottle.

Tasting Notes: Batch #1 of Skywave pours a Golden Amber color with a fruity, earthy and spicy aroma reminiscent of cloves, cracked pepper, candied ginger, banana and dried citrus peel. Bone dry, yet silky on the palate, this beer can be enjoyed on its own but pairs beautifully with hard cheeses, dry sausage or French Mediterranean fish dishes--even goes with sushi.

6.8% ABV 21 IBUs

Where to buy: Skywave is available for sale only in Massachusetts at Devil’s Purse Brewing Company and select craft beer retail locations. MSRP $20