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FOR RELEASE: Devil’s Purse Brewing Company Partners with Isle Brewers Guild

March 3, 2017


Devil’s Purse Brewing Company Partners with Isle Brewers Guild

Relationship establishes sister brewery in Rhode Island to expand production and distribution for Cape Cod brewery.

SOUTH DENNIS, Mass., --Devil’s Purse Brewing Company announced today it has partnered with Isle Brewers Guild (IBG), a new brewing cooperative located in Pawtucket, R.I., to produce two of its most popular styles at their state-of-the-art production facility.

Devil’s Purse Co-founder, Matt Belson, said the partnership would enable the Cape Cod-based brewery to increase its capacity, offer new packaging options and expand its distribution footprint within Massachusetts and throughout New England.

“Since we first opened May 2015 the local and off-Cape demand for our European inspired beers has been incredible, but we’re quickly approaching maximum capacity at our brewery located in South Dennis,” said Belson. “Now we have the ability to scale up our production without the expense of ordering more equipment and looking for a new space -which is a major incentive. And when we met with IBG and saw the depth of talent and brewing experience they’re putting together we knew this would be a great partnership for both of our companies.”

Belson said the two styles of Devil’s Purse beers to be brewed at IBG include their popular Handline Kölsch and Surfman’s Check ESB, with the first kegs and 16 oz. cans ready for delivery mid-to-late spring.

The new IBG campus includes a 130,000 sq. ft. brewing facility that features a 100-bbl brew house, packaging lines, tasting room and outdoor space to be used for events as well as a beer garden. Other New England breweries involved in the IBG cooperative include Newburyport Brewing Company and Narragansett Beer.

"We are excited to partner with Devil's Purse as their second brewery," said Jeremy Duffy, co-founder of Isle Brewers Guild. “Devil's Purse is producing some terrific beers and has built a great following. This is exactly why we started Isle Brewers Guild - to support great New England breweries as they expand to meet consumer demand."

With two of Devil’s Purse’s core beers now being brewed with IBG in Rhode Island, Devil’s Purse Co-founder Mike Segerson said they would increase production of its specialty and limited beers at its South Dennis location.

“Our Handline Kölsch and Surfman’s Check ESB are such great and approachable beers and it will be exciting to see these styles produced in larger quantities and canned for the first time,” said Segerson. “And now we will have the extra in-house capacity to brew a lot more of our Pollock Rip and Stonehorse IPAs, Skatemouth and Cuddy Queen Pale Ales, table beers, Intertidal Oyster Stouts and brettanomyces beers that are always in such high demand.”



About Devil’s Purse Brewing Company

Devil’s Purse Brewing Company opened its brewery May 2015 and is located at 120 Great Western Road, South Dennis, Mass. The brewery specializes in a wide range of European inspired ales and can be found on draft throughout Cape Cod. In addition to core styles Devil’s Purse brews limited specialty beers available only at the brewery. Devil’s Purse’s popular styles of beers include: Handline Kölsch, Surfman’s Check ESB, Skatemouth Pale Ale, Cuddy Queen Pale Ale, Pollock Rip IPA, Stonehorse IPA, Hen & Chickens Double IPA, Intertidal Oyster Stout and table beer series. Visit the brewery year-round for beer tastings and retail sales. For more information visit:   

About Isle Brewers Guild

Isle Brewers Guild is a craft beer cooperative that provides "partner" production for craft brewers facing manufacturing, packaging and distribution restraints. IBG gives partner brewers the facility and equipment to maintain control of their brewing and packaging processes in a cooperative, highly efficient enterprise. IBG’s brewing, packaging and distribution operations take place on a 130,000-square-foot brewing campus located at 461 Main Street in Pawtucket, R.I., which includes a 100-barrel brewhouse, packaging hall, a tasting room, indoor and outdoor event space, classroom space and corporate offices.

3 x New Beers Just Released

Blanc - Belgian-style Wit

4.6% Alc.

Our new Blanc, Belgian-style wit is made with Pilsner malt, wheat, flaked wheat, flaked oats, orange blossom honey and the addition of bitter orange peel and coriander seed. 
We then used a strain of yeast available from our friends over at bootleg biology. The wit is delicious, with floral and citrus aromas and a soft palate.

More information about this incredible yeast can be found at:

PNG - Dark Mild Ale

(with cold brewed Papua New Guinea coffee added).

4.3% Alc.

The reboot of our Dark Mild Ale! This new release is made with coffee from Papua New Guinea that we sourced from our friends over at The Art of Roasting in Chatham. This low alcohol beer is great anytime of day. It’s smooth and velvety with wonderful chocolate and caramel aromas that pass through to the palate.

Learn more about The Art of Roasting coffee and their Papua New Guinea roast:…/fair-trade-organic-papua…

Shiso-Berry Ale

5.6% Alc.

The grain bill for this beer is made with Pilsner, wheat, flaked rice and flaked oats. We added a small bittering and aroma addition of New Zealand Pacifica hops. A large amount of Shiso leaf was then added which contributes a bitter, herbal character to the beer. Our Shiso leaf was locally sourced from our friends at Punkhorn Farm in Brewster. After primary fermentation was competed we re-fermented the beer with the addition of blackberry and raspberry puree. The berries create the aroma of this beer, but the palate is dry and finishes with hints of mint and green tea.

Scallop Bag American Strong Ale has returned!

Scallop Bag American Strong Ale has returned!
This batch has an expanded grain bill with a dose of Citra hops added to the whirlpool. For Scallop Bag we use Maris Otter as our base malt along with malted and flaked rye that is accentuated by English crystal malt. UK Challenger hops add flavor and bitterness. With 9.3 % Alc., Scallop Bag is a smooth, fruity and spicy strong ale perfect for these cold winter months. Available at the brewery for tastings and fills.

Now on Tap: Dec. 20, 2016

Now on tap at the brewery. Available for tastings and retail sales (growlers, crowlers and howlers).

Handline Kolsch

Surfman's Check ESB

Cuddy Queen American Pale Ale

Table Beer #8 Pacifica-Citra

Pollock Rip IPA

Stonehorse IPA - Chinook

Sevenstones Double IPA

Intertidal Oyster Stout (brewed w/ Chatham Oysters)


Skywave Provisional Saison

Sea Trials #3: English Bitter w/ Brett.

Sea Trials #4: Brett. Pale Ale

Devil’s Purse Brewing Co. to Release Oyster Stout made with Chatham Shellfish

Dec. 12, 2016


Devil’s Purse Brewing Co. to Release Oyster Stout made with Chatham Shellfish

Limited beer to be released mid-December to local Cape Cod pubs with a tasting festival at Chatham Bars Inn Dec. 29.

 SOUTH DENNIS, Mass., – Freshly harvested oysters from Chatham, Mass., are featured in the latest batch of Intertidal Oyster Stout from Devil’s Purse Brewing Company scheduled for release just in time for the holidays.

 While oysters may appear to be an odd ingredient to add to beer, Devil’s Purse co-founder and brewer Mike Segerson explained that the addition of this storied shellfish enhances the flavor of this hearty, yet easy drinking, stout recipe.

 “When we set out to make this stout we envisioned using oysters in the boil which not only captures the salinity of the oyster liquor but also extracts the calcium from the shell,” said Segerson. “This minerality from the oyster adds a truly unique layer of complexity to the beer.”

 The initial batch of Intertidal Oyster Stout was brewed with shellfish from East Dennis Oyster Farm and released this past September with great response from customers visiting the brewery and terrific feedback from local pubs where the beer was pouring on tap.

  “With each batch of our Intertidal Oyster Stout we hope to feature shellfish from different growers around Cape Cod and tweak the recipe to compliment the character of the different oysters,” said Segerson.

 For the latest version of Intertidal Stout Devil’s Purse approached Stephen Wright, general manager of Chatham Shellfish Company, to secure some oysters.

 “As the only commercial oyster farmer in Chatham I was excited when Devil’s Purse asked me for some oysters to use in one of their beers,” said Wright. “This is certainly a fun and unique way to promote Chatham shellfish.”

 The latest Intertidal Oyster Stout recipe uses six-dozen Chatham oysters placed in a mesh sack added to the boiling wort. The grain bill consists of Maris Otter, roasted barley and de-husked roasted barley.

 The first kegs of Intertidal Oyster Stout will be ready later this month and available at the brewery as well as select draft accounts on Cape Cod and the South Shore.

 A special holiday beer and oyster tasting event at Chatham Bars Inn is scheduled Dec. 29 and will be open to the public. Guests will be able to taste the Intertidal Oyster Stout and other beer styles brewed by Devil’s Purse. A raw bar staffed by Chatham Shellfish Company will shuck local oysters. A $10 charge will cover initial beer and oyster tastings. Sacred Cod Tavern dinner specials will also be created to pair with Devil’s Purse beers.

 “We are committed to using locally sourced ingredients and the beers from Devil’s Purse and the oysters from Chatham Shellfish Company continue to receive accolades from our guests,” said Richard Carroll, director of sales and marketing for Chatham Bars Inn Resort and Spa.

 “Chatham Bars Inn remains a great partner with Devil’s Purse and the resort is the perfect venue for celebrating our latest batch of Intertidal Oyster Stout,” said Devil’s Purse co-founder Matthew Belson. “What better way to finish the year than drinking a delicious locally brewed stout paired with delicate local oysters in an elegant location that is a centerpiece of Chatham during the holidays and first-night celebrations.

Devil’s Purse Brewing Company

Devil’s Purse Brewing Company is located on Cape Cod in South Dennis, Mass.  We specialize in wide range of European inspired ales. In addition to our core styles we brew limited specialty beers available only at the brewery. Visit us year-round for beer tastings and retail sales. For more information visit:   

Chatham Shellfish Company

Chatham Shellfish Company has been cultivating Chatham Oysters on its lease site since 1976. The well know east coast oyster with year round availability has captivated the oyster aficionado’s attention for decades in local, regional and national markets the last 40 years. For more information visit:

Chatham Bars Inn Resort and Spa

Cape Cod is one of the U.S.'s most magical getaways, encompassing 17th-century towns and the stunning National Seashore. First settled in 1665, Chatham occupies has an enviable location between the Upper and Lower Cape, with some of the region's best shoreline. The town's most venerable resort, the Chatham Bars Inn, open year-round, was originally built in 1914 and makes the most of this brilliant setting; the property overlooks a private quarter-mile beach. Everything, from the elegant interiors and 25-acre gardens to the gracious staff and acclaimed restaurant and spa, is topnotch. But the main reason this resort has been a favorite of generations is the relaxed ambience that facilitates a blissful return to summer's simple pleasures: beach walks, clambakes, sailing and quality time with family and friends. For more information visit:

Devil’s Purse Brewing to launch Sea Trials series of bottle conditioned beers

Devil’s Purse Brewing to launch Sea Trials series of bottle conditioned beers

Special bottle runs will showcase small batch and experimental beers available only at the brewery

SOUTH DENNIS, (Mass.)—Devil’s Purse Brewing Company announced today its new Sea Trials series of small batch bottle conditioned beers available for sale only at the brewery beginning April 15.

The first Sea Trials beer to be released is a version of Devil’s Purse’s popular Handline Kolsch that has been dry-hopped with New Zealand Kohatu and Australian Topaz hops and then bottle conditioned in 500ml bottles with Brettanomyces bruxellensis. Only 600 bottles were produced.

“Cape Cod Brett lovers will really enjoy it as this Sea Trials is one funky beer,” said Mike Segerson, co-owner and co-brewer of Devil’s Purse. “This beer has refreshing notes of pineapple with lime and grapefruit taking a back seat to the funk from the Brettanomyces bruxellensis. The finish is bone dry with earthy, fruity flavors that will be perceived differently from palate to palate.”

The Sea Trials name references the testing and shakedown process a newly constructed vessel must first undergo to be deemed seaworthy before it is commissioned.

“Our new Sea Trials series is an opportunity for us to release and try out limited batches of new recipes and small production runs,” said Matt Belson, co-owner and co-brewer of Devil’s Purse. “When there is a new small batch beer that people seem to enjoy it could go into larger production and be ‘commissioned’ with a name.”

As for future styles under the Sea Trials moniker, Segerson said to definitely expect more Brett beers, small batch IPAs and “anything else we may want to try.”

Sea Trials: Handline Kolsch, dry-hopped with Kohatu and Topaz, bottle conditioned with Brettanomyces bruxellensis goes on sale at Devil’s Purse Brewing Company this Friday, April 15 at 12 pm. Available only in 500 ml bottles with a retail price of $10.